As mobility patterns change and people look for alternatives to car ownership or lease, Cluno’s service is seizing one of today’s opportunities in new mobility: A flexible car subscription, smart and easy to manage via mobile app.

Driving a car – As easy as listening to music

2017, Munich
Mar 2018
Christina & Nico Poletti, Andreas Schuierer

For a monthly fee that covers all costs except fuel, Cluno offers a new concept for anyone who wants or needs the freedom of “owning” a car, without the hassle of buying one.

“The success of business models like Spotify or Netflix confirm the trend towards usage over ownership. The same concept will be standard in mobility in near future. Cluno is 50% mobility startup and 50% fintech. We are a full-stack provider, controlling the whole value chain in automotive. Our customers have bought or leased cars in the past. Now they find a smarter, more flexible response to their mobility needs.” – Nico Polleti, Co-founder and CEO

Cluno was founded by Nico Polleti, his wife Christina Polleti and Andreas Schuierer in Munich. Prior to Cluno, the trio had already founded the startup easyautosale (EAS) to simplify the complex process of the purchase and sale of used cars.  After the successful exit to Scout24 in 2016, they decided to establish a new solution to digitize the entire experience involving their customer’s own car. Cluno went live in October 2017 operating in a thriving and high-growth market. Electric, city or sports car, today’s portfolio includes all makes and models.  After a minimum term of six months, subscribers can pause or terminate their subscription or opt for a different car.

According to McKinsey, subscription models saw more than 100% growth annually in the past five years, and Frost & Sullivan predict that car subscription models will represent around 10% of all car sales by 2025.